19 November 2016

Naomi Korn Is off to China….(Again)

After my wonderful summer this year hiking the Great Wall of China, I didn’t expect for a minute that I would be returning so soon to such an amazing country.


So, about a month ago, when I was contacted by the British Council to speak at a cultural exchange programme in China about museums and copyright, without hesitation, I accepted. The cultural exchange event, which will be attended by between 50-80  senior officials from museums across China, will be taking place from 3rd – 5th December in Guangzhou, SE China.

Even though there are obviously differences between the copyright legislation in China, and the copyright legislation in the UK, the legislative principles will be the same because both countries are signatories of the Berne Convention. Also, I expect that museums in both countries are likely to want to do similar things with their collection items, such as preserve them, digitise them, put images of them online and possibly commercialise them too. I’ll be keen to find out as much as I can when I am there, as well as share what happens in the UK.

Its a tremendous honour to be asked to speak at such an event, and I look foward very much to meeting colleagues from China and learning all about the copyright issues they encounter, as well as show casing some of the excellent copyright projects I have been privileged to be involved in with UK museums.

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