26 April 2017

Meet the NKCC Team: Amalyah Keshet


Amalyah joins NKCC burdened and blessed with over 35 years’ experience working with museums, copyright, and digital media in cultural heritage institutions. Following a decade in curatorial work at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, she developed and led the Image Resources & Copyright Management there for the last 25 years. And that’s how she met Naomi Korn.

Once Naomi’s “boss” and mentor, Amalyah is particularly happy to join Naomi’s marvelously successful consultancy in a delightful reversal of roles.  Now retired from the Israel Museum, but as busy as ever, Amalyah hopes to continue advising the perplexed on critical rights and policies issues, image licensing, film production in museums, archiving and digitizing projects, and anything else that the cultural heritage world throws our way.

Amalyah has been active in the field internationally since before the invention of the Internet! …serving on the Board of Directors of the Museum Computer Network (MCN), and founding its Intellectual Property Special Interest Group.  She has been active in the Israel working committee for Europeana, in the founding of Creative Commons Israel, and serves on the Editorial Board of Visual Resources.  Amalyah holds a degree in Fine Arts from B.F.A. from Washington University., St. Louis, and a M.A. in Art History from George Washington University, Washington DC.  Amalyah is currently involved in advocating for legislation on exceptions and limitations to copyright for museums, both in Israel and via the World Intellectual Property Organization, and in advocacy for Fair Use and user rights internationally.

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