13 October 2017

Welcoming Carol Tullo to NKCC

NKCC is delighted to have appointed Carol Tullo as its first Non Executive Advisor to provide oversight of the plans for business development. As Non-Exec Advisor, Carol will review and appraise the overall strategy and performance of NKCC’s development plan, and also support and help shape future plans and initiatives.

Carol has a career background in intellectual property practice and commercial law publishing with Thomson Reuters before she joined the Cabinet Office and The National Archives. She led information policy and management responsibilities within the open data and information regulatory space across government. Carol has a track record of Information assurance, security and governance as she steered the shift away from paper to digital records.

She was, until July 2017, Director of Information Policy and Services, The National Archives. Carol was responsible for providing leadership in information management and policy across government and the wider public sector to improve the way information is managed and exploited to deliver real benefit for all that use and access this valuable resource. As Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, Queen’s Printer of Acts of Parliament, Queen’s Printer for Scotland, and Government Printer for Northern Ireland, she delivered UK wide official publishing including legislation.


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