8 January 2019

Reflections and Aspirations 2019



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The start of a New Year, is always a perfect opportunity to reflect on the year that was, as well as to plan ahead and drive new initiatives.

2018 was a massive year for Naomi Korn Associates for lots of reasons, my top 3 below being…

  1. We made the strategic business decision to include Data Protection (GDPR) as part of our core services, providing an important link to the existing copyright and licensing expertise. We felt strongly that providing comprehensive expertise in legal compliance for existing and new clients, would enable them to understand better the restrictions, obligations and potential of their data and information. In a technology driven environment, recognising rights and privacy drivers, obstacles and opportunities is fundamental to compliance and provides a basis for long term sustainability successes.
  2. We have grown our core delivery team – recruiting a full time Project Manager, Patrick Ibbotson, and also a Marketing Consultant, Jemima Powell. Working closely with me, the Naomi Korn Associates team can provide support for bigger, more complex projects and promote better the extent and benefit of our services via a regular monthly newsletter, bimonthly blog posts and more comprehensive social media coverage.
  3. We rebranded and relaunched our website. Our new website provides much more comprehensive information about what we do and who we are, including full details of our growing team of talented consultants and a public training programme. We also celebrated our 15 + years of business history by profiling case studies and testimonials from our comprehensive range of clients.

Planning for 2019 started in the Autumn and expect to see from us this year:

  1. More services and training covering IP exploitation and the need for efficient management of rights during Brexit uncertainty to ensure that our clients’ businesses and services can weather the storm.
  2. Data Protection health checks, data hygiene and data cleansing (with Collections Trust) services as we approach the one year anniversary of GDPR implementation in May.
  3. A new public training programme from April 2019-March 2020 and announcements about our new Virtual Artist in Residence.

As always, we wish all our clients and new clients a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019 and look forward to supporting you to achieve your goals.

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