13 February 2023

Celebrating 20 years of Naomi Korn Associates

By Naomi Korn

This year, Naomi Korn Associates celebrates its 20th Anniversary. It’s a massive milestone for the company, growing significantly in size, reach, audience and impact since our humble beginnings as a one-woman-band back in 2003! The values upon which Naomi Korn Associates prides itself are the same then as now.  Back in June 2003, when I set myself up as a freelancer, I wanted to provide excellent services, collaborating and working fairly and with integrity with clients, and ultimately to share knowledge and resources to empower as many people as possible. I am so proud that we are a values-driven business and everything that Naomi Korn Associates has achieved that is built on that basis.
Our history and our present are rich in the relationships we have nurtured and continue to develop, the projects we have been involved in and the resources we have created which empower those we work with. Our staff, consultants, clients, partners, friends and the people working within the sectors we love, are at the heartbeat of what we do and why. It is our passion to unlock heritage, access, and opportunities by building skills and confidence in copyright and data protection that drives us forward into the next 20 years.

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