Rebecca Imaizumi

Rebecca Imaizumi is a performing artist who seeks to start her business in the U.K.  It is vital for her to learn more about copyright, especially regarding music use and how to obtain permission from rights owners to ensure her business complies with copyright laws. Rebecca and her company, the Unified Wolves, are Naomi Korn Associates first Virtual Artist in Residence, receiving free help and support as part of a new community engagement programme which runs from October 2018 – end of December 2018, aimed at supporting artists with copyright, licensing and privacy.

As I work closely with Naomi and her team, it quickly became apparent that the company culture is built on trust and respect for both artists and content users. Naomi Korn Associates builds a bridge between the two and ensures that artists understand their rights as content creators and those who seek to use the content understand the proper steps to be copyright compliant. Rebecca Imaizumi