Alumni Artists

Rebecca Imaizumi

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Rebecca Imaizumi was the first artist chosen to be the Naomi Korn Associates’ Virtual Artist in Residence. Rebecca is a performance artist who is offering consultancy services with a focus on marketing with a unique and tailored approach utilising the performing arts: The Unified Wolves. Rebecca’s residency ran for three months, from 1 October 2018 – 31 December 2018, during which time she was mentored by Naomi. You can see a promo video for her business here.

Claudia Weaver

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Claudia is a dedicated photographer who specialises in capturing the details of her subjects. Her style focuses on food and lifestyle photography. Her portfolio is available here

Claire Parker

Claire is a largely self-taught artist. Currently searching for new ways to develop, she aspires to make work that is both defiant and vulnerable, finding meaning in everyday scenes and objects. You can view Claire’s portfolio here: