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Our training is authoritative, accessible and engaging. We deliver training  which is tailored to the context of your requirements, legal compliance obligations and technological developments.

From novice to expert, we offer you the flexibility to support all your training requirements in the form of a one-hour, half-day and full-day training courses, in-person and/or on-line. We can use your online platform or ours and will travel where ever you need us. 

Our public training programme is open to anyone who is looking to advance their knowledge and skills. We also run events in partnership with CILIP, the UK’s Library Association. We regularly receive an “excellent” rating from delegates who attend our training. Visit our Events pages to find out more about the courses we are currently offering. 

Our in-house training is carefully be-spoked to suit your organisation’s needs. This ensures that the content we cover is  relevant to your specific context, developing knowledge, skills and confidence in these important areas.

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to copyright or information rights, how you can protect intellectual property assets or if you are looking to remain data protection compliant, we can provide you with a  broad range of legal compliance courses. Contact us to find out more about the courses that we offer.

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Claudia Weaver

Our public programme covers a broad range of legal compliance topics. Visit our events pages to find out more about the courses that we are currently providing.

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