Jeremy Ottevanger

Naomi Korn Associates is excited to welcome Jeremy Ottevanger as a consultant to our expanding team! Jeremy is a technologist, having started his career in what came to be called “digital heritage” in the 1990s. Since then he has spent long spells at the Museum of London and Imperial War Museums, as a developer and as technical lead, where he was responsible for the architecture and production of web platforms and for the delivery of the data and media that they rely on.
Twitter: @jottevanger

Jeremy Ottevanger: I’ve worked for a long time in a couple of larger organisations, and with great big partnerships, and one of the constants has been the tension between the desire of cultural bodies to open up as fully as possible, and the legal and commercial constraints that can seem to work against this ambition. Reducing this apparent contradiction usually comes down to a combination of a deep understanding of the institution’s goals, of the nature of the material, of audience needs, and of the available technical solutions. I’m looking forward to helping small and large organisations to think creatively about the technology part of this mix in particular, so they can control the risks around intellectual property and data privacy whilst still doing what they exist to do: sharing their unique assets with a hungry public worldwide. Joining Naomi Korn Associates means that I can be part of a holistic approach to this whole agenda, and it’s really exciting to think about what we can achieve by putting our heads together.

 Naomi Korn: We are delighted that Jeremy is joining our team. He will be bringing fantastic knowledge and technical expertise to support our clients privacy and rights requirements. Integrating technological know-how into our core offer means we can provide our clients with holistic support which is needed more now than ever.

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