by Maddie Beeson, Projects and Programmes Officer

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

At Naomi Korn Associates we are passionate about sharing knowledge in an accessible and engaging format. During the past few months we’ve been adding lots of new resources to our website which we hope in turn will help support the community, and in particular the shift to home working. Our resources are free to use and are made available under a CC-BY-SA licence (for more information about Creative Commons licences see our A-Z guide) so you can share, adapt and re-purpose them.

Here’s a taster of what’s new:

1. Museums and cultural organisations are a great source of eclectic content and many have excellent image collections which are more frequently being made available under open licences. Our resource Sources of authoritative free content: UK Museums and Cultural Organisations lists some of the top places to find content which is free to use and has little or no restrictions.

2. Wiki sites are often websites we turn to in order to find images to re-use. What many people don’t realise is that not all content on these sites are free to use. Julia Ruxton, our Consultant and Rights Researcher, has created an excellent resource with guidelines for re-using images from Wiki sites, which includes top tips and important things to remember before you re-publish image from such sites. If you’re in need of extra rights clearance support please do see our website for more information about how we can help you.

3. We’ve been working closely with Museums Development Yorkshire to produce resources to support Volunteer Managers regarding the issues of copyright and data protection. We created an Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection legal compliance guidance sheet and the Volunteers and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) FAQs document. These are specifically tailored to the cultural heritage sector but can be applied to any organisation working with volunteers.

4. In addition to the resources we also hosted a free webinar, “Volunteers and Legal Compliance”, in partnership with Museums Development Yorkshire where we gave a brief overview of ways organisations can incorporate policies and procedures into their framework regarding legal compliance as it pertains to managing volunteers. We’ve created a template for a Model Deed of Assignment of Copyright which can be freely used and adapted where needed. These resources were developed for Museums Development Yorkshire through our consultancy service. We’re always interested to hear how we can help support other organisations and businesses, do get in touch via

5. This month we also hosted a free webinar in partnership with Capture LTD, a web-based digital asset management system provider (DAMS). We explored copyright in the context of licensing & protecting assets within DAMS and gave an overview of the multiplicity, connectivity and reliability of these systems when storing and licensing assets from them. You can find a copy of our presentation here.

6. And finally, for the artists out there we’ve collected some top tips when thinking about copyright as well as overview of data protection.

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