Alex Bromley

Senior Consultant

Alex has worked in collections management, information systems and digitisation roles for over 25 years.

He currently runs his own consultancy, helping organisations in the cultural sector to review or upgrade their information systems. Recent clients have included the BFI, Sheffield Museums, People’s History Museum and Museum of London (MoL).

Prior to that, he worked in a variety of organisations, including over a decade as Documentation Manager at the Museum of London. Prior to that he was Project Manager of lottery-funded project ‘TUC History Online’ and before that Collections Systems Manager at the RAF Museum.

Alex has worked on a number of strategic projects including, at MoL, Exploring 20th Century London (a collaborative project to aggregate data from museum collections in London), specification and implementation of the Collections Information Integration Middleware (CIIM), as well as several developments to Mimsy XG such as integration of archive cataloguing functionality. Using his knowledge of information system development, he also acted as Project Manager for the introduction of a new intranet, as well as customer relationship and resource management systems.

Alex is a leading expert in SPECTRUM collections management procedures, having worked on several procedural reviews at the Museum of London. He has also worked extensively with Naomi Korn Associates on developing methodologies for analysing collections data for rights information and subsequent development of systems for recording due diligence and permitted uses.