Jeremy Ottevanger

Senior Consultant

Jeremy is a technologist, having started his career in what came to be called “digital heritage” in the 1990s. Since then he has spent long spells at the Museum of London and Imperial War Museums, as a developer and as technical lead, where he was responsible for the architecture and production of web platforms and for the delivery of the data and media that they rely on. He has also been deeply involved in a various partnerships and research projects in the sector, including Europeana, the First World War Memorials Programme, Nesta-funded R&D projects, and several collaborations with Google. As with a number of major website builds Jeremy has led, such partnerships have always involved significant rights and privacy questions and identifying the technical approaches to solving them has been part of his role. These vital issues are felt just as keenly by smaller heritage institutions that possess limited technical capacity and lack data skills, and since leaving IWM Jeremy has been able to offer his experience in this area to such organisations.

Jeremy holds a joint Geology and Biology BSc from Bristol University, an MSc in Early Hominid studies from Liverpool University, a Museum Studies MA from UCL, and a PhD in Digital Heritage from Leicester University where his doctoral thesis was on sustaining digital products in museums.
Twitter: @jottevanger