Naomi Korn offers a full range of courses as well as bespoke copyright training to suit your organisational or individual needs.


Courses and bespoke training

Training is usually held at a location of your choice and can take the form of group workshops and copyright courses, staff development, as well as seminars, conferences, copyright surgeries and discussions. The workshops are focused around group work and group discussion, designed to help participants develop practical skills, as well as to understand and manage rights. They are suitable for users and creators of content across the cultural heritage, educational, health and corporate sectors.

If you would like to organise a training session for yourself, your staff, organisation or region, or would like to find out about a copyright training session that is taking place near you, please contact for further information.

Active copyright trainers, including those who have attended NKCC copyright training, can keep up their knowledge and skills by joining NKCC’s Trainers Network.

Copyright Essentials

This full-day course offers an introduction to the principles of copyright within the context of collections management, content use and publication. It offers basic and practical training, giving participants the tools they need to manage copyright as part of their daily work.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to intellectual property rights
  • What is copyright, what does it protect and how long does it last?
  • The exceptions to copyright – what do they enable?
  • Who owns what?
  • Social media: copyright and licensing issues
  • Orphan works, reasonable searches and risk management
  • Seeking permission and using a Creative Commons licensed materials

Introduction to Copyright

This half-day course is aimed at introducing staff to their roles and responsibilities with regard to copyright and related rights. Topics include:

  • What is copyright?
  • Using and protecting copyrighted works
  • Top tips for keeping safe

NEW: Copyright Train the Trainer Course

This course is a full day’s session intended for those who want to train their colleagues. This is a cost-effective way to build capacity, contribute to staff’s continuing professional development, and increase staff confidence. Attendees are taught to deliver copyright training using Powerpoint-free practical and interactive training techniques. The training techniques learnt and practised during this workshop will enhance general presentation skills and can be transferred to the training of other topics.

Copyright Masterclass

A more detailed one-day course examining in depth the relevant copyright legislation and its effect on operational and strategic decisions and practices.

Topics include:

  • Refresher about copyright and other intellectual property rights
  • The exceptions to copyright in detail and examples of their use in practice
  • Other relevant legislative developments and proposals
  • Case law update
  • Orphan works in detail: the potential legislative, licensing and risk mitigation solutions
  • Copyright from a policy perspective

Copyright Policies and Risk Management

This full-day course covers the importance of copyright policies, risk management and the development of strategies to deal with infringements. It also provides an opportunity for delegates to develop their own draft copyright policies.

Digital Copyright

Comprehensive one day’s training on the latest developments in digital copyright. Topics include:

  • Copyright in the digital age
  • Creative Commons licences and finding free stuff you can use
  • Social media, copyright and licences
  • Digitisation and copyright
  • Risk management and mitigation .

Managing, Protecting and Exploiting Your Copyright

A course for creators, makers, start-ups and new businesses to help them understand how they can identify, protect and use their copyright to support their business models  (full day)

Orphan Works, Reasonable Searches and Risk Management

A one-day course to understand orphan works, where to look for rights holders, risk management and risk mitigation. The course also discusses the merits and potential pitfalls of the UK’s Orphan Works Licensing Scheme and the EU Orphan Works Exception. Participants will practice carrying out reasonable searches in the session.

Other courses available:

Copyright for Film and Audio Visual

One-to-one or small group training by distance learning

Training tailored to individuals or small groups develops staff skills via a bespoke and flexible learning journey guided by Naomi Korn. Typically, sessions are interspersed by homework to ensure that students learn and practice particular topics between sessions.

Training for professional bodies

Naomi Korn has also recently run training for the following professional organisations: