©Royal Academy of Arts, London; photographer: Fraser Marr

Royal Academy

Royal Academy (RA) Collections comprise works of art, frames, historic furniture, silver, archival material, historic and illustrated books collections. The Collection focuses on British Art from the 18th century to the works of the current cohort of Royal Academicians, as well as the training of artists in the RA Schools. Naomi Korn Associates was commissioned by the RA to create an IPR and licensing framework, together with rights clearance forms and suggested rights management fields for its collections management system to support their HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) digitisation activities. Naomi Korn Associates were subsequently commissioned to identify, research and clear the rights in over 1800 text based and image rights for 125 painters, up to 300 authors and ca. 100 additional visual artists whose various works are represented in the RA’s poster collection and works on paper. As a result of this support, the RA was able to provide online access to its collection items, and in many cases, secure rights and permissions for its long-term use of its collections for the benefit of future generations.

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