Copyright and licensing will affect everyone who creates, curates, commissions, uses, publishes or shares content. This means that copyright underpins everything we do. How we then allow others to use our content and under what terms we use others content becomes intrinsic to digital literacy.  In the digital age, public sector organisations and businesses have to recognise that rights management is both an important compliance issue and growing business concern, requiring staff know-how and confidence, appropriate policies and procedures as well as clear guidance on risk management.

Naomi Korn presenting at one of her workshops

Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy Ltd (NKCC) is a leading provider of specialist copyright and rights management solutions and services. Founded and run by Naomi Korn for over 13 years, NKCC has helped large and small cultural heritage organisations, educational establishments and small businesses optimise assets and reduce risks.

Identifying, managing and protecting copyright and other types of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is essential when using or creating content.
Copyright training is an important way to build confidence, awareness and staff skills.
NKCC now provides the opportunity for copyright trainers to become part of NKCC’s Copyright Trainers Network.

Naomi Korn can be contacted at:
+ 44 (0)7957 761 032

Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy Ltd is a Private Limited Company: 7804095