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19 November 2020

The Vatican Apostolic Library mobilises AI guardians for its digital collections

By Faye Cheung, Researcher Libraries, archives, museums and galleries have a responsibility to safe-guard their collections, including making sure that they are well looked after, preserved, and safe protected from loss and theft (including on site and online). Fortunately, whilst such incidents are relatively rare, famous incidents in libraries include the ‘Transy Book Heist’,[1] or […]

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9 November 2020

GDPR lessons to learn from the Department of Education’s data protection issues

By Faye Cheung, Researcher The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) recently published its audit report of the Department of Education (DfE). It launched an investigation into DfE after receiving complaints over its handling of the National Pupil Database. The database contains information on every pupil in England – that’s over 21 million data subjects. One of […]

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21 October 2020

Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg and copyright

By Amalyah Keshet, Senior Consultant For every reason imaginable, the recent death of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) shouldn’t go unmentioned – even in the realm of copyright. Justice Ginsburg leaned in general towards strong copyright protection; unsurprisingly, she found favour in the entertainment industry. Upon her passing, Motion Picture Association Chairman Charles […]

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14 October 2020

Transferring Data Abroad: The Implications of Schrems II

By Faye Cheung, Researcher Background: Schrems I In 2015 Max Schrems, a law student at the time, took the Irish Data Protection Commissioner to court over inaction against complaints that he had made about Facebook. The case was considered by the European Court of Justice (CJEU) after The Guardian’s exposé of a US National Security […]

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24 September 2020

Non-exclusive reproduction agreements with artists

By Amalyah Keshet, Senior Consultant An interesting question came up recently in a museum copyright forum based across the pond.  The issue is one that I think has application anywhere one deals with agreements and licences drawn up with artists, authors, and other creators.  National legal differences may exist, but it’s still a good example […]

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11 September 2020

The ICO’s performance highlights from 2019/20

By Faye Cheung, Researcher The UK’s information rights regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published its Annual Report for 2019/20. It has been a busy 12 months for the independent body, which identified the year as a key period in data protection and broader information rights, with privacy being established as a ‘mainstream concern’. […]

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28 August 2020

GDPR in the news

By Naomi Korn and Faye Cheung Naomi and Faye reflect on the lawfulness of the Government’s Track and Trace systems, discuss protecting personal data post COVID-19 and provide top tips regarding keeping data secure. Lawfulness of the Government’s Track and Trace Systems Online security and privacy considerations will underpin the technological solutions transforming the shift […]

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25 August 2020

A fine balance

By Matthew Bailey Why it is important that cultural heritage institutions don’t get fixated on an all-or-nothing approach to the re-use of digital content In a previous blog published by Debbie McDonnell[1], she highlighted the increasing number of UK museums and galleries making digital images available under the terms of open content licences. Most of […]

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6 August 2020

GDPR in the news

By Naomi Korn and Faye Cheung Naomi and Faye look at the published guidance for GDPR and AI by Alan Turing Institute and ICO as well as New Child Code Discussed by Parliament which allows children aged 13 and over to create their own account on specified age appropriate social media platforms. AI and GDPR […]

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27 July 2020

Bringing information law in from the cold

By Naomi Korn Challenges for library, information and knowledge management workers Staff in library, information management and knowledge management (LIK) services are facing a challenging time, now more than ever. Technology is advancing apace and the impact of Covd-19, has utilised these changes in technology, whilst also presented challenges in terms of how we square […]

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16 July 2020

Digital guide: online privacy and security

By Naomi Korn Associates We are very excited to share our new free Online Privacy and Security digital guide created for National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the Digital Skills for Heritage initiative, designed to raise digital skills and confidence across the UK heritage sector. Heritage organisations find themselves working increasingly online, and the […]

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2 July 2020

Security and privacy implications around health data and tracking and tracing

By Carol Tullo, OBE, Senior Consultant Online security and privacy underpin the technology solutions transforming the approach to coming out of lockdown.  We have all got used to the tools that have enabled the shift to home and remote working in the past four months.  We, our work, and our organisations have adapted,  possibly never […]

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