We believe passionately in giving back to the community. For 15 years, Naomi Korn Associates has led and helped develop free and openly licensed copyright,  licensing and data protection help resources. These are suitable for staff working in cultural heritage, educational and publishing contexts.

Flip chart at a Naomi Korn Associates training session

Copyright Resources

Copyright Overview

  1. Copyright Fact Sheet (2017) Overview of copyright and recommended resources licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike Licence

Museums and Copyright

  1. Copyright for Museums and Galleries (2017) Naomi Korn blog post on Copyright User website

Downloadable Templates

  1. Copyright Agreement_Final_with Header available under Creative Commons (2018)

Managing Copyright-related Risks in the Workplace

  1. Copyright-related risks, the business and legislative case (2016) Naomi Korn’s presentation slides for the CILIP Annual Conference
  2. How Open Are You? (2010) A wizard created by the OER IPR Support Project to explain the issues surrounding the policies, awareness and infrastructure when organisations openly license their resources

Creative Commons and Open Content Licensing

  1. Creative Commons Compatibility Wizard (2010) An interactive resource created by the OER IPR Support Project
  2. Turning a resource into an Open Educational Resource (2014) An animation by the OER IPR Support project team developed to outline the key issues and next steps for teaching and learning staff
  3. Copyright decision tool: How do I clear the rights for my OER? (2010) A downloadable flow chart developed by the OER IPR Support Project to explain the decisions, processes and tools underpinning the development of openly-licensed resources. See also Licensing decision tool: Which licence is best for you and your OER?
  4. Understanding IPR and licensing for OER projects (2010) Film by Guy Shapir; Naomi Korn explains how Jisc-funded projects can ensure that they consider the rights issues and use the right Creative Commons licence for their project.

Orphan works and Risk Management

  1. Risk management calculator (2010) An interactive web page to determine indicative risk levels, built with Rob Stillwell
  2. Orphan works: Treasure in the rubbish (2011) A case study with the IWM’s document curator Rod Suddaby. Video created by the Strategic Content Alliance.
  3. Risk management checklist (2009) A document created by the Web2Rights Project.
  4. Museums Orphan Works and Risk Management(2015). Funded by York Museums Trust, an overview of orphan works and risk management.

Open Data Licensing

  1. Open data licensing (2012) short animation with Phil Barker, Tony Hirst and Martin Hawskey
  2. Licensing open data: A practical guide (2011) A briefing paper by Naomi Korn and Charles Oppenheim

Sorting out Rights and Permissions

  1. Rights and permissions: Not re-inventing the wheel (2011) Video of a presentation by Naomi Korn
  2. Creative commons licences in practice (2011) Video with Chara Balasubramaniam, Deputy Head of e-learning at St George’s, University of London. A film by Naomi Korn, Emma Beer, and Guy Shapir.
  3. Copyright and licensing issues associated with the development of Future Learn courses. This diagnostic tool and associated templates was funded by Jisc Collections and launched in September 2016.
  4. Checklists: Rights, risks and rewards (2016) blog post by Naomi Korn
  5. Digitisation, Contract Negoitation, Rights Management and You (2017) blog post by Naomi Korn

Optimising and Exploiting Copyright: Sustainability and Strategic Thinking

  1. Sustaining digital resources: The importance of intellectual property rights for universities (2012) Video with Naomi Korn
  2. Licensing digital resources to create revenue (2014) In this webinar, Naomi Korn discusses IPR and licensing digital content.
  3. York advice sheet 3 – exploiting assets (2015) by Naomi Korn. Funded by York Museums Trust, an overview of how IP assets can be commercialised.

Copyright Training Resources

  1. Copyright, licensing and digital images: Teaching the teachers what they can use when they teach (2016) Presentation slides by Naomi Korn
  2. Copyright: The card game (2015) A training resource developed in association with Dr Jane Secker and Chris Morrison
  3. A First World War diary: A 21st century copyright problem (2016) Blog post by Naomi Korn on the legal conundrum posed by Ethel Bilborough’s diary.

 Data Protection Resources

  1. faqs-data-protection1 (2018) by Naomi Korn Associates Ltd
  2. Museums & GDPR (2017) Webinar with Naomi Korn and the Information Commissioners Office arranged by the Museums and Heritage Show
  3. Top 10 GDPR Tips (2017) Blog post by Naomi Korn