We believe passionately in giving back to the community. For over 16 years, Naomi Korn Associates has developed free and openly licensed copyright, licensing and data protection help resources. These are suitable for staff working in cultural heritage, educational and publishing contexts and available under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike Licence to enable free access and reuse.

Copyright Essentials

  • Copyright Fact Sheet (2019) Overview of copyright key points and recommended further reading
  • Copyright Checklists (2019) Reasonable searches checklists, top tips for negotiating permissions and how to mitigate rights related risks.
  • Exceptions to Copyright (2019) Guidance regarding the UK’s exceptions to copyright for museums, libraries, archives and educational establishments.
  • A History of Copyright (2019) Origination of copyright laws and information about the new EU Copyright Directive.
  • Orphan Works Guidance (2019) Guidance regarding tools and techniques for managing orphan works.

Museums and Copyright

Downloadable Templates

Legal Compliance and the Workplace

Creative Commons and Open Content Licensing

Orphan works and Risk Management

Open Data Licensing

Sorting out Rights and Permissions

Optimising and Exploiting Copyright: Sustainability and Strategic Thinking

Copyright Training Resources

 Data Protection Resources