Who we are

Naomi Korn Associates is a UK-based leader specialising in copyright, data protection, and licensing. Since 2003 we have worked with the cultural, heritage, charity, education and private sectors across the UK and internationally.

How we work

We support our clients to comply with the law. We also help them to exploit their assets commercially through better rights and privacy management. We do this by integrating our legal, commercial, information governance and technical expertise into our clients’ practices.

We help our clients achieve authoritative and affordable results. From documentation reviews to policy development, and staff training, we collaborate with our clients, working flexibility around their requirements, to help them to achieve their outcomes, build confidence, and increase organisational resilience.

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We are experts in our subject

Naomi Korn Associates are leaders in the field of copyright, data protection and licensing. The team, headed up by Naomi Korn, Founder and CEO, brings together a range of world-renowned specialists who have built a reputation of excellence amongst charities, education and cultural heritage.

Naomi is recognised world-wide as an expert in copyright. She is a visiting lecturer at University College London, York University, Kingston University Business School and City University. She is also a lecturer for the MA in Curating Art and Public Programme run by the Whitechapel Art Gallery and London South Bank University as well as PhD Affiliate at the Centre for Data, Culture and Society, University of Edinburgh.

Naomi is undertaking a part-time PhD at the University of Edinburgh, analysing the impact of Brexit on the management of orphan works.

Sharing practice

At Naomi Korn Associates, we are committed to helping the communities we support to grow and thrive. We support our community by presenting at conferences and events and publishing free resources. We also lead lobbying efforts on behalf of the sector for fair copyright and privacy laws in the UK.

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Our values

Naomi Korn Associates is a values-driven organisation. Our values encompass equity, diversity, inclusion, dignity and respect in the workplace and extend across the services we deliver:

As an employer, we are committed to respecting and nurturing talent amongst our team and with those we work with. We are an LGBTQI-led organisation and support the rights of everyone to be treated with respect and dignity. We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination and will not tolerate it within the workforce, from our partners or clients.

We are committed to work with organisations who uphold the same principles as we do and retain the right to refuse to work with organisations known to oppose the principles set out in the UK Equality Act, or who fail to commit to fair and just working practices.

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