Data Protection

Managing data

Managing data is an essential part of trusted business operations. Good data hygiene and an understanding of the importance of data management underpins legally compliant commercial strategies.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 every organisation has a legal responsibility to process personal information fairly and responsibly.

We offer a range of services to help organisations with their data protection responsibilities so that data is managed legally, safely and strategically. We provide operational tools and templates, jargon-free advice and practical training to ensure organisations comply with data protection on a day-to-day basis.

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Data Protection Officer, retainer service

Data protection legislation means many organisations are required to employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The role of a DPO is to ensure that the processing of personal data adheres to the principles set out in the law. Recruiting a qualified Data Protection Officer is extremely competitive and time consuming.

Our experienced data protection team will undertake the DPO role for you. This service can be purchased for one, or shared across several, organisations. It includes:

Training and mentoring programme

We offer a bespoke data protection development and mentorship programme to help upskill your staff, build their confidence, and support them to deliver an effective and improved service. The programme is customised to support the operational work prioritised by your organisation.

The programme is delivered remotely over several months. It includes regular video call sessions, feedback and support on work and provision of high-quality reading/training materials. Topics covered by this programme include (but are not limited to):

Our programme will use scenarios that your staff encounter day-to-day to build their knowledge and skills while guaranteeing organisational compliance. Our experienced data protection team will guide and advise on processes, procedures, and the most appropriate responses to complex enquiries. 

Health checks and audits

We gauge your organisation’s readiness in fulfilling its data protection compliance obligations which will help ensure efficiency in terms of your management of rights and data. We have developed a bespoke tool that uses the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Accountability Framework which will provide your organisation with a clear indication of its current compliance and the areas and actions that need development.  

Our health checks and audits include:

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Policies and procedures

We specialise in the checking, creation and implementation of policies and procedures that will help your organisation adhere to its legal obligations regarding data protection and ensure consistent best practices. Our services include:  

Documentation and systems

Our team will provide advice on the documentation and systems required for data protection compliance. We help create the documentation and systems that work alongside policies and procedures to ensure consistent best practice regarding data protection including:

Strategic development

Our team has unrivalled experience supporting the research and data communities in national and international initiatives. We have developed tools, research papers and resources focused on the interplay between research, data management and information law issues as well as licensing practices.

We provide expert advice on the relationship of privacy rights within the context of the use of technology, data management and data exploitation within all aspects of the research lifecycle for the research, education, culture, heritage, libraries and information sectors. This service includes:

Freedom of Information (FOI) Information Assurance / Governance Officer

We will undertake the FOI officer role for you. Our team is comprised of qualified staff who have experience in a range of public and private sector organisations. This service can be purchased for one, or shared across several, organisations. It includes:

FOI policies and procedures

We specialise in the checking, creation and implementation of policies and procedures that help organisations adhere to their legal obligations. We’ll provide the following policies and procedures, as appropriate:


Regular support services

We can provide you with regular, cost effective copyright, data protection and licensing support through our Regular Support.
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