Licensing & rights clearance

Licensing & rights clearance

Licensing copyright material is a complex process.

We will help you and your organisation identify, clear and manage rights in third party content you might wish to use. We will also provide support in generating income from items in your collections and organisational assets, through activities such as image licensing, brand licensing and product development.

We will draft template contracts if you are working with third parties to help protect your rights and secure the best outcome.

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Rights clearance support

We offer a comprehensive rights clearance service for organisations for items including text, archival content, images, audio and film footage. We offer on-demand advice for all rights queries and have unrivalled experience, knowledge and research resources to resolve the most complex rights projects. The service includes:

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Licensing strategies and Intellectual Property optimisation

Funding cuts, the energy crisis and the global pandemic have increased the need for organisations to review their Intellectual Property (IP) assets.

We offer a holistic approach to identify, manage, protect and commercialise existing and new IP to strengthen your organisation’s resilience. Our services include:

Rights clearance service

Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive rights clearance service.

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