26 July 2016

Copyright Help Resources


Over the years I’ve been working with a number of talented colleagues to develop a series of free and openly licensed copyright and licensing help resources for museums, libraries, archives, universities and other public sector organisations. However many of these will also be relevant to all types of organisations who use, create, publish, share and commission content. On the eve of publishing another one (watch this space :-)) I thought it high-time for me to showcase the best of what is already out there.

Supporting copyright-related risks in the workplace

  1. Copyright-related risks, the business and legislative case. CILIP Annual Conference 2016
  2. Ever wanted to know if your organisation has the policies, awareness and infrastructure to openly license its resources? This wizard, created by the OER IPR Support Project, can help you understand the issues and what you need to do next

Creative Commons and open content licensing

  1. Creative Commons Licences are not necessarily compatible with each other. This resource, created by the OER IPR Support Project, funded by Jisc, provides a user-friendly interface Creative Commons Compatibility Wizard
  2. Educational resources can be converted into Open Educational Resource by considering the rights and licensing issues. The OER IPR Support project team developed this short animation to outline the key issues and next steps for teaching and learning staff Turning a resource into an Open Educational Resource (animation)
  3. Want to understand the decisions, processes and tools underpinning the development of openly-licensed resources? This downloadable flow chart, developed by the OER IPR Support Project, can help. There’s another one here too
  4. Video explaining how Jisc-funded projects can ensure that they consider the rights issues and use the right Creative Commons licence for their funded project.

Orphan Works and risk management

  1. The use of works in copyright where the rights the holders are either unknown or cannot be traced presents risks for organisations who use them. The OER IPR Support project’s Risk Management Calculator can provide an indicative risk level to help
  2. Case study of Orphan Works at IWM, with the Curator of Documents: Rod Suddaby. Video created by the Strategic Content Alliance, funded by Jisc.
  3. Risk management checklist created by the Web2Rights Project, funded by Jisc

Open Data Licensing

  1. Licensing open data can be complicated. This short animation explaining the concepts (with the OER IPR Support Project funded by Jisc) can provide some clarity.
  2. Licensing Open Data: A Practical Guide (Briefing Paper with Professor Charles Oppenheim

Sorting out rights and permissions

  1. Short film, funded by Arts Council England, providing an overview of the key issues to consider
  2. Creative Commons in practice. Film of Chara Balasubramaniam. Head of e-learning at St George’s, University of London recorded by the Strategic Content Alliance IPR and Licensing Project, funded by Jisc.
  3. Check lists, check lists, check lists

Optimising and exploiting copyright: sustainability and strategic thinking

  1. Getting the most out of copyright you own and have permission to use. Film made by the Strategic Content Alliance.
  2. Licensing digital resources to create revenue webinar, supported by the Collections Trust.

Copyright training resources

  1. Teaching teachers digital images they can use when they teach
  2. Copyright: the Card Game. Funded by SCONUL and developed with Dr Jane Secker and Chris Morrison
  3. The amazing story of Ethel Bilborough

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