28 January 2017

NKCC Ltd – January News

2017 has certainly started with a bang for NKCC Ltd!


Team Updates:

I’m thrilled to welcome my friends and colleagues to NKCC Ltd. Prof. Charles Oppenheim, Alex Dawson and Amalyah Keshet join as Senior Consultants, whilst Liz Bowers and David Bell, both formerly from the Imperial War Museums, also join NKCC Ltd. Their respective skill sets enhance the consultancy services that NKCC Ltd is able to offer. Charles, Alex and Amalyah are the leaders in their respective fields. Liz’s many years of publishing and brand licensing  expertise ensure that NKCC Ltd can offer comprehensive end to end copyright, rights and licensing services, whilst David offers exemplary rights research and clearance skills, as well as Image Library experience.

Project Updates:

Apart from existing clients and project work, I am delighted that NKCC Ltd has been awarded a major rights clearance project for the Royal Academy of Arts. David Bell will be working with me on the project which starts on 1 Feb 2017 and runs until the end of November 2017.

Training Updates:

I’ve just returned from running two fabulous copyright workshops for the Royal Armories in Leeds. A Copyright Essentials Course on Day 1. and a Copyright Advanced Course together with a copyright surgery on Day 2. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful participation and laughing at my jokes!

Next week, I will be running in-house copyright training for the Chartered Institute of Insurers. On Thursday, I’m up to Liverpool to run a copyright workshop for the National Museums of Liverpool, followed by a copyright workshop for librarians and archivists at Unilever. Ethel Bilborough will be with me all the way 🙂

Lots more copyright training and conferencing coming up over next few months too. Please do get in touch for a touch if you would like to discuss your training requirements with me.

How we can help you?

Now that the team is bigger NKCC Ltd can offer more services to an international clientele. Please do feel free to contact me directly if you would like a confidential chat about any support or services that we can help you with.

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