4 July 2019

Learning About Intellectual Property Never Ends

By Claudia Weaver

Claudia Weaver was Naomi Korn Associates second Virtual Artist in Residence from January – March 2019. The Virtual Artist in Residence Programme is part of Naomi Korn Associates Community engagement work. It is a programme designed to support emerging artists. Here, Claudia discusses the impact of the Programme on her work and ideas surrounding IP.

I learned a lot of new terminology and techniques while working with Naomi Korn and her amazing team. I thought it would feel overwhelming but the more I was introduced to the ideas, the more intellectual Property (IP) and licensing made sense. As a student photographer, I needed to learn about IP and licensing to protect myself and my work. I began in January 2019 under the tutelage of Naomi Korn Associates and have three main thoughts to share with fellow photographers and potentially all Creatives.

  1. Understand your IP rights on any of your digital platforms. As a photographer, I felt the need to understand about image usage and safety online. Since I had been developing my website, I was able to enhance my professional credibility by adding a recommended page designed to explain IP to potential clients. When I referenced Naomi Korn Associates’s page, https://naomikorn.com/rights-and-credits/,  I admired the simplicity in the sites content for clients. As I build my website, this is a tool that will help me, especially when I start my own business one day.
  2. The second is the confidence in having a model release template. I worked alongside founder Naomi Korn and project manager Patrick Ibbotson on an event at the Imperial War Museums. Here Naomi was able to help me use the model release form we had been working on together so that I could take and use photos of participants who attended the event. As my current goal is to build my website content, I have been able to use these model releases. However despite being on a Tier 4 visa and unable to freelance, this won’t stop me from building my portfolio. The model release is something I know I will keep improving on but having a confident format to give friends and new respected colleagues is something that will make my future brand stronger.
  3. Continue your research and practice your own IP rights. As I have finished my modules in Managing in the Creative Economy at Kingston University, I now move onto my dissertation which will study the depths of the photography industry. I am distinguishing the difference between professional and amateur photographers on social media platforms. Since my dissertation will involve interviews, my new knowledge in IP rights and the templates I now have will help me enormously. I am excited to have gained more knowledge of intellectual property rights, happy to be part of Naomi Korn Associates and feel more confident helping my future business ideas.

Image ©Claudia Weaver

© Naomi Korn Associates, 2019. Some Rights Reserved. The text is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike Licence (CC BY SA)

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