11 February 2022

The Essentials of Copyright

By Bernard Horrocks, Senior Consultant

Trainer of Copyright Essentials: An introduction – 21 & 28 March 2022

What is the essence of my dog, Eli?  Fast, calm, lazy, smooth, cuddly, food-fixated. Examining something’s essence helps us value it, understand it, appreciate it. So what’s the link here to copyright? Well, for those of us in the heritage sector, the essence of copyright – protection, originality, ownership, duration, exploitation, rights, exceptions – helps us understand its role. Copyright pops up more than you might think (like Eli getting a treat) – in fact, pretty much constantly. This is why it’s essential to grasp the essentials!

Our Copyright Essentials session will give you a solid grounding in what you need to know.  We cover all the above, and more besides. For those with existing knowledge, this is an excellent refresher and confidence builder. In our interactive session, you’ll have the chance to share issues with likeminded colleagues, and we’ll provide sensible and pragmatic guidance and tips. You’ll come away de-mystified and confident to deal with copyright as it arises.

Eli would be jumping with delight!

Benefits of attending Copyright Essentials: An Introduction

  • Understand the basic principles of copyright 
  • Identify what types of work are protected by copyright and for how long
  • Consider authorship and ownership issues associated with different types of works
  • Be guided to content you can use for free
  • Ask the trainer questions around key related topics

For more information or to book your place, please click here.

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