University of Essex

Running alongside a Data Protection Officer (DPO) support service contract provided by Naomi Korn Associates to the University of Essex, Naomi Korn Associates has also delivered a DP mentoring programme for University staff. This bespoke data protection development and mentorship service was designed to help university staff build their confidence and deliver an effective and improved service. The programme was customised to support the operational work prioritised by the University of Essex and delivered remotely over several months. It included regular video call sessions and the provision of high-quality reading and training materials. Topics covered by this programme included:

  • Requirements of a privacy notice
  • Special category and criminal convictions data
  • Data subject rights
  • Information sharing agreements
  • Understanding Data Mapping/ROPA
  • Consent requirements and challenges
  • Age and capacity issues
  • Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) and balancing tests
  • Train the trainer development sessions

Crucially, the programme used scenarios that university staff encountered day-to-day which helped to build their knowledge and skills while guaranteeing organisational compliance. 

Alexandru Postovanu on Unsplash

Alexandru Postovanu on Unsplash

The Data Protection Mentoring Programme has provided me with an excellent breadth of knowledge and experience. The focused reading material coupled with the practical advice and assistance from specialist professionals has enabled me to revisit, refresh and build on existing knowledge as well as providing a solid introduction to new areas of legislation.

Clare Chatfield (mentee), Information Assurance Team, University of Essex