In a fast paced digital age, museums, libraries and archives, other cultural heritage and public sector organisations, as well as small, medium enterprises need to protect their rights and limit risks associated with using other peoples’ content.


Providing practical, strategic and pragmatic support, NKCC offers professional management consulting in:

  • Developing policies, procedures & tools to manage third party rights
  • Researching and clearing rights
  • Staff development, training and awareness raising
  • Digital asset management
  • Copyright, trade mark & brand licensing
  • Trade mark registration & advice about trade mark infringement
  • Protecting and exploiting rights
  • Recording rights and permissions on collection management systems
  • Licensing strategies to support access, use & new business models
  • Managing and mitigating rights related risks
  • Drafting and adapting licences
  • Research and lobbying
  • Advice and general consulting

NKCC can be contacted at if you would like to discuss your needs and how these can be supported.