Our expertise

  • Data protection consultancy
  • Copyright consultancy
  • Licensing consultancy

Since GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 was introduced, organisations have a greater legal responsibility to process personal information fairly and responsibly. Managing data does not need to undermine organisational practices; however it should be thought of as an essential part of trusted business operations.

Good data hygiene, as well as understanding the importance of data management is vital in terms of commercial strategy and safeguarding data. Through consultancy we can help organisations comply with data protection law and think strategically about managing data safely.

An understanding of copyright law is essential for any individual or organisation reproducing, creating, sharing, publishing and commissioning content. Through consultancy we can help organisations and individuals understand how to stay legally compliant when using third party material and how best to protect and optimise assets.

Licensing copyright material is a complex issue. We help organisations generate income from items in their collections, through activities such as image licensing, brand licensing and product development.

We can also draft template contracts for organisations working with third parties in order to protect their rights and secure the best outcome.


How we can help

We assess organisational readiness to protect its copyright and data protection interests, optimise investment and ensure efficiency in terms of its management of rights and data. Our health checks and audits include staff interviews, policy and procedure review, report drafting and strategic planning.

  • Risk audits
  • Copyright and data protection compliance assessments
  • Staff interviews and documentation reviews
  • Board level reporting
  • Recommendations and next steps

Our team has decades of experience supporting the research and data communities in national and international initiatives. We have developed tools, research papers and resources focused on the interplay between research, data management and information law issues as well as licensing practices. We provide expert advice on the use of technology in all aspects of the research lifecycle for the research, education, culture, heritage, libraries and information sectors.

  • Intellectual Property Rights and licensing frameworks
  • Reporting on innovative models e.g. Open Access and Creative Commons
  • Risk register reviews and risk audits
  • Needs analysis
  • National and international policy development work
  • Governmental policy lobbying
  • National and international training initiatives
  • Strategies and forward plans

We specialise in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures that help organisations adhere to their legal obligations regarding copyright and data protection whilst giving the knowledge and confidence to exploit their assets successfully. Our consultancy can help form coherent strategies at governance level leading to operational consistency.

  • Data handling and data hygiene
  • Risk management
  • Infringement & breach
  • Staff consultations and organisational reviews
  • Review and amendments of policy frameworks
  • New policy and procedure drafting and integration plans
  • Procedure review
  • Training needs review and recommendations

Our team can advise on the documentation and systems required for copyright and data protection compliance and to optimise intellectual property and data assets. We help create the documentation and systems that work alongside policy and procedure to ensure consistent best practice regarding data protection and copyright management.

  • Privacy & Copyright notices
  • Subject Access Request (SAR) templates
  • Consent & permissions forms
  • Contract drafting and amendment
  • Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) advice and support
  • Collection Management Systems advice and support

We provide an industry-standard rights clearance support service where expertise is required to research, trace and clear rights across all types of content and/or media. These can be complex, multi-month projects, necessitating legal expertise to clear layered rights. We help organisation’s launch their projects and maximize their potential.

  • Rights clearance procedure
  • Rights identification and research
  • Tracing and negotiating licences
  • Tracing rights holders and reasonable searches
  • Orphan works analysis and advice
  • Checking privileged sources of information
  • Risk assessments where clearances have not been sought
  • Drafting template letters and forms

Our impact

Previous work

We have worked with organisations big and small, ensuring their compliance and ability to exploit their data and intellectual property rights assets, from a one-off contract to an organisation-wide health check.

"We recently procured Naomi Korn Associates to review how we manage intellectual property rights in the delivery of our work. Naomi and her team were patient, professional and immensely knowledgeable displaying experience and expertise of IPR and how it applies in a Museum context. They listened closely to our questions, understood our challenges and worked with us to identify effective tools and training we can use to manage IPR across all our activities."

National Museums Scotland

Naomi Korn Associates brought much-needed clarity and confidence to one of Gladstone’s Library’s most significant projects. The guidance we received meant that we could review many of our reprographic and rights clearance procedures, implement best practice, and improve staff understanding. The benefits of Naomi Korn Associates' practical and humane guidance will have beneficial effects for years to come.

Gladstone Library
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