Rights Clearance

What we do

We offer a comprehensive, expert and tailor-made rights clearance service for collections of any size. This can include individual items or hundreds/thousands of items including text, archival content, images, audio and film footage. We offer on-demand advice for any kind of rights query, but have sufficient experience, knowledge and research resources to deal with even the most complex layered rights projects.

Major projects

We have handled large collection sizes and are familiar with the complexities involved when clearing historic works. We regularly deal with challenging materials such as letters, posters, archival items, photographs, manuscripts and images of artworks (such as drawings/sketches) as well as layered rights or multiple consents required to clear film/mixed media.


  • Rights identification and research
  • Tracing and negotiating licences
  • Reasonable searches
  • Checking privileged sources of information
  • Risk assessments where clearances have not been sought
  • Drafting template letters and forms

It would be a pleasure to discuss any rights clearance project in confidence.
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Sculpture of Millicent Fawcett by Gillian Wearing. Rights research in the photos on the plinth was undertaken for the artist by Naomi Korn Associates.

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Our Partners

Digitisation Specialists


TownsWeb Archiving specialise in providing cultural heritage digitisationservices and digital collections management software to institutions in the cultural heritage sector. TownsWeb work with public and private sector archives, museums, and special collections repositories; helping to convert old, precious, fragile and culturally significant collections into digital formats and open up access to them.

Naomi Korn Associates is delighted to be working closely with TownsWeb Archiving in providing rights management support in association with their cultural heritage digitisation services and software products.