Rights Clearance

NKCC offers a comprehensive and tailor-made rights clearance service for collections of any size – from individual items to hundreds or ten thousands of items and any type of content including text, images, audio and film footage.


Rights clearance services include:

  • Advice about the types of permissions which may be required
  • Advice on the exceptions to copyright which might apply
  • Development of licensing frameworks
  • Rights research; tracing and negotiating with rights holders
  • Reasonable searches in accordance with recommended criteria
  • Checking privileged sources of information
  • Seeking permissions for third-party rights and for multiple uses
  • Risk assessments where clearances have not been sought
  • Establishing spreadsheets and databases to manage rights
  • Drafting template letters and forms
  • Organising mail-merges and mailshots
  • Project management and support to existing rights clearance projects.