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Amalyah Keshet

Senior Consultant

Amalyah has over 35 years’ experience working with copyright in museums and other cultural heritage institutions. Following a decade in curatorial work, she developed and led Image Resources & Copyright Management at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Amalyah served on the Board of Directors of the Museum Computer Network (MCN), and founded and chaired its Intellectual Property Special Interest Group.  She has been active in the Israel working committee for Europeana, in the founding of Creative Commons Israel, and serves on the Editorial Board of Visual Resources. Amalyah holds a B.F.A. from Washington University., St. Louis, and a M.A. in art history from George Washington University, Washington DC.  Amalyah is currently involved in advocating for legislation on exceptions and limitations to copyright for museums, both in Israel and via the World Intellectual Property Organization, and in advocacy for Fair Use and user rights internationally.  “Amalyah’s most recent publication is “Copyright in Museums,” part of the Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries, Edward Elgar Publishing, UK, March 2018.