Training & Development

NKCC training can help you raise staff awareness, build confidence and develop the skills to comply with your legal responsibilities in copyright and data protection. We also run workshops to help you make the most of your intellectual property assets to support organisational growth.

Naomi Korn talks at an NKCC training session.

NKCC training will help your organisation and staff to:

  • comply with current legal and ethical requirements, specifically copyright and data protection (including the new GDPR)
  • protect, manage and exploit your organisation’s intellectual property
  • manage the risks associated with the exploitation of intellectual property

NKCC training is suitable for staff working across the cultural heritage, educational, health, charity and corporate sectors. NKCC training days are attended by:

  • trustees/governing bodies
  • members of staff
  • senior leadership teams
  • volunteers

Training developed by NKCC is typically PowerPoint-free, using quizzes, discussions, Q+A, case studies and interactive training techniques to stimulate engagement and promote learning outcomes. It is practical, accessible and authoritative, and always delivered in the context of current legal requirements and developments.

Standard and Bespoke NKCC Training Courses

NKCC offers a range of standard NKCC training courses.

In addition, NKCC also offers bespoke onsite training to suit organisational or individual needs. New bespoke training courses can be created to meet individual needs, as well as by combining elements of the standard NKCC training courses.

Training can be held at a location of your choice and can be offered as workshops, courses, staff development sessions, seminars, conferences, surgeries or discussions. It is also possible to learn on a one-to-one and small group basis.

All NKCC training is supported by access to NKCC resources; training days are usually for one day or half a day.


NKCC training is both informative and engaging. Feedback from attendees is overwhelmingly positive:

“Thank you – an excellent day and very well run by Naomi”

“I had a wonderful day, truly the most engaging event on copyright ever”

“GDPR made simple and accessible: I didn’t think it possible”

“Naomi was a very warm and engaging trainer. A really enjoyable day”

“One of the best workshops I have attended in a long time. Dynamic, engaging and incredibly useful”

“I feel a lot more confident after attending your course. Copyright is no longer the scary monster I thought it was!”

Training Partnerships

NKCC is delighted to be working in partnership with the following organisations in the provision of wide ranging sectoral copyright, data protection and compliance training:

Central Law Training (CLT)

Central Law TrainingCentral Law Training (CLT) is one of the UK’s leading providers of post-qualification training for solicitors and other legal professionals. They have been delivering technical legal training, skills training and professional qualifications across the country for over 30 years.

NKCC is working with CLT on the provision of copyright training for legal professionals.

Regional Training Agency

Regional Training Agency provides professional training for staff working in schools, rta-greyscalecolleges and charities.

NKCC works with RTA in the provision of data protection (including GDPR) and copyright training for this audience.