Training & Development

Training is an important way to build staff confidence, awareness and skills. The right training and staff development can skill up staff and build organisational capacity.


NKCC’s training modules are suitable for users and creators of content across the cultural heritage, educational, health and corporate sectors:

Training developed by NKCC and delivered by Naomi Korn is typically Powerpoint-free, using instead quizzes, discussions, Q+A, scenarios, case studies, practical examples and interactive training techniques to stimulate interest, engagement and therefore promote better learning results.

Naomi Korn’s experience as a consultant working within organsiations means that she infuses her training with real-life examples and hands-on experience, whilst her policy development work means that she is able to share the latest legislative and licensing developments.


 Bespoke on-site training

NKCC also offers bespoke onsite copyright training to suit your organisational or individual needs. Training can be held at a location of your choice and can be offered as workshops, copyright courses, staff development sessions, seminars, conferences, copyright surgeries and discussions. It is also possible to learn on a one-to-one or small group basis any of the courses offered below, or a selection of modules from each.

Training is built around practical skill-set development to help participants understand and manage rights, through group work and group discussion. They are supported by access to her training materials and normally run over the course of a whole day each, unless indicated.

Naomi Korn is also delighted to work in in partnership with RTA Regional Training to develop and deliver training for staff working in schools and colleges.

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