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8 August 2019

Books; Reading and Posting Online: Caring, Sharing and Copyright

By Naomi Korn Sharing is caring, as we are taught, from childhood. It’s socially and culturally acceptable and often encouraged for a myriad of reasons and important societal benefits. However, copyright law does not work on the same premise. Sharing without permission, (which would include copying, publishing, renting, reproducing online etc) is more than just […]

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24 July 2019

Contract law – the basics

By Patrick Ibbotson Contract law forms the basis of everything we do at Naomi Korn Associates, whether it’s an agreement with a client or consultant or advising on underpinning sound Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection management through robust contracts. Contract know-how, what they are, what they mean and developing sound contract negotiation skills, is […]

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4 July 2019

Learning about Intellectual Property never ends

By Claudia Weaver Claudia Weaver was Naomi Korn Associates second Virtual Artist in Residence from January – March 2019. The Virtual Artist in Residence Programme is part of Naomi Korn Associates Community engagement work. It is a programme designed to support emerging artists. Here, Claudia discusses the impact of the Programme on her work and […]

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26 June 2019

GDPR & Membership Organisations: One Year On

By Naomi Korn GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was transposed into UK law in May 2018 as the Data Protection Act 2018. By increasing the responsibilities of those who process personal data, as well as increasing the rights of people whose personal data is being processed, the sector, the country, the EU and arguably the […]

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11 June 2019

What are our Top Tips for raising copyright awareness in your organisation?

Senior Consultant at Naomi Korn Associates, Debbie McDonnell, gives her views I have worked in copyright for nearly 20 years in organisations varying from charities to museums to the British Council where I advise on copyright issues for staff carrying out cultural relations and education work in the UK and other countries. In each case, […]

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28 May 2019

GDPR and the Data Protection Act, one year on. What have we learnt?

By Naomi Korn Photo by Hunter Harritt on Unsplash   It’s one year since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was transposed into legislation across EEA member countries and in the UK as the Data Protection Act 2018. But data protection laws are not new – it’s simply that their relevance in the digital age had diminished. GDPR […]

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17 May 2019

Making friends at the Museums + Heritage Show

By Naomi Korn ©NaomiKornAssociates   It was fantastic to take part in the annual Museums + Heritage show again this year and lovely to see faces new and old at our stand and at my talks on Copyright Best Practices and How to Develop a Copyright Policy. Safe to say there is still a great […]

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7 May 2019

Data Protection Act, nearly one year on

By Naomi Korn Associates   Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash   It has almost been a year since the The Data Protection Act 2018 came into force 25 May 2018. For Elizabeth Denham, the ICO Commissioner, the crucial change that this law brought about is accountability; ‘It enshrines in law an onus on companies to understand the […]

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16 April 2019

Managing Rights Data – Top Ten Tips

Senior Consultant at Naomi Korn Associates, Alex Bromley, gives his views Having a clear understanding of copyright law is vital for information professionals if they are to efficiently and legally manage their collections or assets. What is also important is how this information is presented in a collections management system or DAM system. There may […]

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10 April 2019

GDPR – Making it real and interesting!

By Carol Tullo, OBE Image ©Claudia Weaver We are often asked “What can I do to remind everyone about data protection? They have all been trained but I need to refresh their understanding regularly.  Help!”  Here are some ideas. The ICO’s Six Step Test for Brexit preparations and its guidance is largely about reinforcing that […]

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15 March 2019

A photographer gaining IP skills

By Claudia Weaver As a photographer, my life largely involves marketing myself to people and businesses of all kinds. As someone who has been educated as a photographer, I understand the basic ideas of model releases and copyright. Despite this knowledge, I have seen photographers that have been operating for years struggling to help clients […]

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18 February 2019

Copyright and No Deal Brexit for Cultural Heritage and Educational Establishments

By Naomi Korn ©Naomi Korn Associates As well as impacting existing and proposed data protection legislation as discussed in our last blog post, the current Brexit impasse has implications for copyright. The includes the specific impact of a No Deal Brexit on existing UK copyright legislation,  the relationship between existing and future copyright interpretations and the […]

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