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18 December 2019

Seasons Greetings!

Wishing all our friends and colleagues Seasons Greetings and looking forward to supporting you in 2020. From everyone at Naomi Korn Associates. Image with thanks to:

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12 December 2019

GDPR and Law Libraries revisited

By Susan Doe I have a legal background and have spent the past 30 years in the field. In my career, I spent time chairing the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians. This is a group of people that I have a huge affection for and hope to continue to support through my time […]

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6 December 2019

The importance of data protection to artists

By Naomi Korn Associates General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) It has been over a year since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was transposed into legislation across EEA member countries and in the UK as the Data Protection Act 2018. The Act confirms data management as vital, both in terms of commercial strategy of businesses […]

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21 November 2019

The importance of copyright to artists

By Patrick Ibbotson At Naomi Korn Associates, our team is committed to helping the communities we support to grow and thrive. As specialists in copyright, data protection and licensing we help artists, businesses, public sector organisations and charities manage their rights, simply. We are passionate about protecting the rights of artists, musicians and authors; helping […]

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7 November 2019

Intellectual Property “Rights” or Monopoly “Privilege”?

By Charles Oppenheim A major issue in copyright is the balance between the uses of copyright to protect commercial interests versus the public interest in access to knowledge. Much of the debate has been in the scholarly publishing arena, where authors of scholarly outputs are pressurised to either assign copyright, or grant an exclusive licence […]

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23 October 2019

New Addition to Naomi Korn Associates Team Extends Services to Legal Industry Professionals 

Naomi Korn Associates extends a warm welcome to Susan Doe, who joins the team as a Senior Consultant and Trainer specialising in data protection, information governance, legal compliance and regulation for professionals working within the legal industry. Susan is a qualified information and privacy professional, with over 30 years of experience working across the legal […]

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11 October 2019

Copyright enforcement and using images

By Patrick Ibbotson Using third party imagery is commonly done but sourcing and utilising imagery must be conducted with the upmost care and attention. Otherwise it could turn out to be a costly mistake. In UK law, copyright will protect original images and therefore there will be a copyright owner for each image. The owner […]

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20 August 2019

EU Orphan Works Exception and a No-Deal Brexit Statement on Impact and Alternatives

A statement from LACA Naomi Korn Associates has been a long-term supporter of The Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA). Naomi Korn is the former Chair during which time she led the reform of the UK’s copyright laws on behalf of the cultural heritage sector, resulting in new UK exceptions to copyright in 2014.  Patrick Ibbotson is the current LACA […]

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14 August 2019

Meet Michele Leong

Naomi Korn Associates is delighted to welcome Michele Leong, who joins the team after working for V&A Enterprises for over 20 years. Michele joins the team as a Rights Researcher, further bolstering our ability to provide expert, long standing rights clearance support. Michele is experienced in copyright, rights clearance, digitisation, digital asset management and keywording […]

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8 August 2019

Books; Reading and Posting Online: Caring, Sharing and Copyright

By Naomi Korn Sharing is caring, as we are taught, from childhood. It’s socially and culturally acceptable and often encouraged for a myriad of reasons and important societal benefits. However, copyright law does not work on the same premise. Sharing without permission, (which would include copying, publishing, renting, reproducing online etc) is more than just […]

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24 July 2019

Contract law – the basics

By Patrick Ibbotson Contract law forms the basis of everything we do at Naomi Korn Associates, whether it’s an agreement with a client or consultant or advising on underpinning sound Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection management through robust contracts. Contract know-how, what they are, what they mean and developing sound contract negotiation skills, is […]

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4 July 2019

Learning about Intellectual Property never ends

By Claudia Weaver Claudia Weaver was Naomi Korn Associates second Virtual Artist in Residence from January – March 2019. The Virtual Artist in Residence Programme is part of Naomi Korn Associates Community engagement work. It is a programme designed to support emerging artists. Here, Claudia discusses the impact of the Programme on her work and […]

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