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NLHF Guide to Creative Commons Licences (English), , guidescopyright data-protection rights-clearance
NLHF Guide to Creative Commons Licences (Welsh), , guidescopyright data-protection rights-clearance
Copyright Agreement Template (2018)templatescopyright
ARA’s Arc Magazine – Jan/Feb 2023, articlescopyright data-protection
TEMPLATE – Data Protection Policy
Pupil Privacy Notice
Pupil Private Notice – Format Idea
DSAR Template Response Letter
DPIA Screener
DPIA Schools
Data Rights Request Procedure
Data Breach Procedure
Model Deed of Assignment of Copyright (Volunteers)templatescopyright
Copyright Fact Sheet (2022)guidescopyright
Copyright Notice: Duration of copyright (term) (2021)guidescopyright
Copyright and Open Licensing – a guide (2021)guidescopyright
Copyright for Museums and Galleries (2017)guidescopyright
Advanced Copyright Q&A for Museums (2018)guidescopyright
Orphan Works Summary for Museums (2021)guidescopyright
Heritage Organisations and Exceptions to Copyright (2021)guidescopyright
Sources of Creative Commons Licensed Content – Museums and Cultural Organisations (2022)guidescopyright
Copyright for Artists (2022)guidescopyright
Working With Volunteers: Copyright Considerations (2021)guidescopyright
Volunteers and Legal Compliance (2020)guidescopyright
Copyright and Social Media (2022)guidescopyright
A Guide to Copyright and Working with Suppliers to Create Digital Content (2020)guidescopyright
Digital guide: working with open licences (2021)guidescopyright
Guidelines for Re-using Images from Wiki Sites (2022)guidescopyright
Turning a Resource into an Open Educational Resource (2014)guidescopyright
Risk Management Calculator toolkitguidescopyright
A History of Copyright (2022)articlescopyright
Orphan Works and 2021 Update (2022)articlescopyright
Controlled Digital Lending Feasibility Report (2022)articlescopyright
Orphan Works and UK GLAMs: the case for a risk managed approach (2021)articlescopyright
In From the Cold: A survey of the impact and extent of orphan works (2009)articlescopyright
Webinar: Using The Exceptions to Copyright to Support Your Digital Activities (2021)webinarscopyright
Webinar: Copyright and Suppliers: How to get the rights you need in new digital content (2020)webinarscopyright
Webinar: A Basic Introduction to Copyright (2020)webinarscopyright
Understanding IPR and Licensing for OER Projects (2010)webinarscopyright
Orphan Works: Treasure in the rubbish (2011)webinarscopyright
Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection Legal Compliance at Your Museum – Guidance (2020), guidesdata-protection intellectual-property
Exploiting Museum Assets – York Museums Trust Help Sheet (2015)guidesintellectual-property
Volunteers and Intellectual Property Rights FAQs (2020)guidesintellectual-property
Webinar: Brexit, Intellectual Property Rights and Heritage: What you need to know (2021)webinarsintellectual-property
IP and Copyright: Licensing & Protecting within DAMS (2020)webinarsintellectual-property
Sustaining Digital Resources: The importance of intellectual property rights for universities (2012)webinarsintellectual-property
Copyright Rights Clearance Checklists (2022)guidesrights-clearance
Digitisation, Contract Negotiation, Rights Management and You (2017)articlesrights-clearance
Rights and Permissions: Not re-inventing the wheel (2011)webinarsrights-clearance
Creative Commons Licences in Practice (2011)webinarsrights-clearance
Checklist for Archiving in the Public Interest (2021)templatesdata-protection
Checklists for Lawful Basis of Processing (2021)templatesdata-protection
Access Request Decision Form (2021)templatesdata-protection
Data Protection Clauses for Deposit Agreements (2021)templatesdata-protection
Data Subject Access Request Form (2021)templatesdata-protection
Declaration of a Data Breach Form (2021)templatesdata-protection
Non-Disclosure Agreement Form (2021)templatesdata-protection
“Notice and Takedown” Policy and Procedure (2021)templates
Researcher access request form (2021)templatesdata-protection
Brexit, Data Protection and Heritage: What you need to know (2021), guides webinarsdata-protection
Introduction to Data Protection and FOI – Summary Sheet (2022)guidesdata-protection
Data Protection: Implementation (2022) Guidanceguidesdata-protection
UK GDPR Top Tips (2021)guidesdata-protection
Data Protection for Artists (2022)guidesdata-protection
Data Protection and Online Security: An Introduction (2021)guidesdata-protection
Online Privacy and Security Guide (2020)guidesdata-protection
Working From Home: Legal compliance (2022), guidescopyright data-protection
Open Data Licensing (2012) animationguidesdata-protection
Licensing Open Data: A practical guide (2011)guidesdata-protection
Brexit, Intellectual Property Rights and Heritage: What you need to know (2021)guidesintellectual-property
Webinar: Museums & GDPR (2017)webinarsdata-protection