31 August 2018

A Delightful Journey

By Rebecca Imaizumi

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How delightfully surprised I was when I received a message from Naomi with an invitation to take on the marketing assistant role for Naomi Korn Associates! I was fascinated by Naomi’s lecture at Kingston University on Copyright. As a performing artist in the field of dance, I had many questions regarding rights to use music for live performances and for video footages. As I was studying entrepreneurship in the creative industries, this knowledge was essential to run a compliant business. I admit my ignorance in not knowing most of the things Naomi covered in class, but that only gave me the motivation to know more so that I understand my rights as a performer and the rights of musicians and content creators.

So, of course I instantly accepted the offer and became Naomi Korn Associates marketing assistant! My first task was to write a blog on how to properly source images online and how to attribute them as well as how to distinguish if the content is available to use in the first place. Guided by Patrick (our wonderful project manager!) I was given a lot of autonomy regarding marketing tactics and was encouraged to use new approaches I had just learned in school and was excited to implement them in the real business setting.

Here I’d like to share three out of many things I learned during my 6 months at Naomi Korn Associates that will definitely benefit myself and my future business.

  1. Having a clear target market in mind makes a big difference

Every newsletter, every blog, every leaflet needs a clear target market. In order to gain more interaction with clients, you need to deliver something that is of value to each of those segments, which means you really need to know the clients and what is useful to them.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask a client to sign an NDA!

As our world has come to value creativity and innovation much more than even just a decade ago, I agree with many others that state that creativity has become the new currency (Boches, 2014). Your ideas matter, and they’re valuable. If you take the proper measures to protect them, then you don’t have to hide them in the dark!

  1. There are many professionals that are passionate in copyright and data protection that genuinely want to help people understand their rights better.

As I had the opportunity to ask many of our consultants to write blogs for our website and newsletters, their passion in their field of expertise could be felt through their writing. I gained knowledge on many topics such as copyright, data protection, GDPR, Negotiation tactics, film archiving… and so much more. It was educational to say the least and I felt inspired by their passion for their field!

And I must add that Naomi and Patrick are amazing people to work with!! Perhaps I’m a bit biased but it’s the truth.

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the Naomi Korn Associates team as the marketing assistant to deliver communication to our clients. A huge thank you to Naomi and Patrick for guiding me on this journey as well as all the consultants who helped me along the way!

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And a massive thank you to Rebecca for your hard work and creativity. You have really helped Naomi Korn Associates in a period of change and growth. We loved working with you, all the best for the future! Naomi and Patrick


Boches, E. (2014) “Creativity is the new currency” Social Media Today. Available at: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/content/creativity-new-currency

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