Our team is committed to helping the communities we support to grow and thrive through everything we do. As specialists in copyright, data protection and licensing we help businesses, organisations and individuals manage rights, simply. Although training is one of the key ways we help educate these sectors, we understand that copyright confidence boosting, talent building and support takes many forms – not just training. We aim to actively support our community by presenting at conferences and events, developing free copyright and data protection resources and leading lobbying efforts on behalf of the sector for better copyright laws. We also provide mentoring and business development opportunities through our Virtual Artist in Residence Programme, which forms part of our community engagement activities.

Supporting Lobbying Activities

Naomi Korn Associates is proud to support the LACA (Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance) through providing secretarial support and by endorsing its campaign Orphan Works Exception: Use It or Lose Campaign.

As a likely consequence of the UK leaving the EU with a no deal Brexit, the UK is at risk of losing a hugely beneficial “exception to copyright” that allows cultural organisations to digitise and make available online “orphan works” from their collections – works whose copyright owner(s) are unknown or uncontactable. The Government has said that in the case of a “no-deal” Brexit this helpful exception will be removed from UK law.

LACA’s campaign is encouraging cultural heritage organisations to use the EU’s Orphan Works Exception in order to demonstrate its value and importance to the sector. More information can be found here.

Virtual Artist in Residence Programme

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Artist Claire Parker

We are delighted to announce that Claire Parker has been selected as our new virtual artist in residence. Claire is a figurative artist. She reached the final of BBC One’s ‘The Big Painting Challenge’ and recently studied on the Royal Drawing School’s Drawing Intensive programme. Currently searching for new ways to develop, she aspires to make work that is both defiant and vulnerable, finding meaning in everyday scenes and objects.

Claire’s residency will run for three months, during which time she will be mentored by Naomi. She will be providing updates about her development through our website. Her portfolio is available here  

The Virtual Artist in Residence Programme is part of our community engagement work, designed to assist artists by providing them with free access to our consultancy services. The programme supports all types of content creators, including performing artists, visual artists, musicians, photographers, fashion designers and writers, as well as professionals in the arts who are starting out in their careers. The aim of the programme is to help artists gain a better understanding of how they can use their IP rights to build their businesses, the ways they can protect their creative works,  how to identify when it is possible to use certain content and how to attribute it correctly. The programme offers mentoring support by Naomi Korn worth up to £1000 to each successful Virtual Artist in Residence.

As the programme develops, we will be featuring on our website some of the images and films of the works created by our Virtual Artists in Residence.

Find out more about the programme or apply by emailing

Alumni Artists